Love’s not Time’s Fool

Love’s Not Time’s Fool

This blog is written by Kona Mae. A senior Blood Hound who was brought to AACC after her human passed away. Kona Mae’s favorite author is the great William Shakespeare; she likes to say that she and the playwright have one thing in common: that some things get better with time. This is her story.



I know that it was just a step… well, a flight of them. I watched people scamper up and down them with ease all day. But to me, it was Everest. I had made the most out of my puppy years, but those were far behind me. The short of it was, I couldn’t climb stairs anymore. It was sad and frustrating to struggle. But what could I do? Time shows no preference; we are all her hostages.

I knew this better than many. I don’t like to talk about my past too much. It makes me sad and Blood Hounds already have a tendency to look depressed, so it’s not a good look on me. My human had recently passed away; the years we had together are buried and cherished deep inside my heart. But due to this, I found myself the occupant of a pen at the shelter with nowhere else to go.

So, I laid these old bones back down on the floor of my cage, waited and gave myself a pep-talk. I was still cute (or so I thought) had always been loyal and gave so much love. I was mellow too! Much mellower than the in-demand puppies around me and pretty thoroughly trained. Maybe I still had a chance?

Amazingly, I got adopted. A difficult hurdle to conquer for many. ESPECIALLY, us senior pups, but I was lucky. My joy, though insurmountable, was short lived. I couldn’t follow my new owners around. I couldn’t get up and down their stairs. I was returned to the shelter. It was the lowest of the lows for me. No pep-talk-tainted monolog would raise my chin of the shelter’s floor. This old dog had no more tricks up her sleeves.

I believe I have a guardian angel looking out for me (I have an idea who it is) because I did get adopted again to two saints. The first time I met them I tried to gather all the information I could quickly. I wanted to fit in perfectly this time. I rushed up to them, nose in the air and then nose to the ground. I learned a lot! They smelled, how do I explain it,.. kind. And they gave me a butt-rub! I love those. I heard the one say to the other with a smile “my heart goes out to her. What’s one more?”

When they came to pick me up, I understood what they meant for they had an English Mastiff in their back seat. She introduced herself as Miss Prue, was about my age and very welcoming. She was also wet from paw to tail, I inquired as to why and she said that she had been swimming!

Once we arrived home (don’t you just love the sound of that word?), I was let out into the backyard and met two other senior Blood Hounds, Pearl and Beaufort! It was like family immediately. Everyone allowed me to explore the yard, house, and all the rooms. The house did have stairs, but in my excitement I went right up them! If I do ever start to have trouble, my parents have a belly belt to help me out a little bit. My parents are pros at this senior pup thing!

Kona Mae_2

Kona Mae and her new pack: Miss Prue the English Mastiff and Pearl and Beaufort the Bloodhounds

I’ve heard them tell their friends, “ with older dogs you make some adjustments… but they still have so much to give back to us and are so loving. I wouldn’t change a thing or ask for anything more.” I am glad they feel that way and I couldn’t have said it better myself. I am on Glucosamine, Condroitin & fish oil to keep me as spry as possible and I also get to go swimming once a week at Alaska K9 Aquatics, to help with my arthritis. I am thriving.


Kona Mae relaxes in her new home.

As Shakespeare said, in his lovely Sonnet 116, “Love’s not Time’s fool.” Our body’s might be slaves to time. But, love lives on; it lives on in my heart and in my everyday life. I am so, so lucky in love. Thanks to my new parents, not only did this old lady find a couple new tricks up her sleeves, she found a family too.


Kona Mae’s new mom describes their journey with her as kismet and says that she is a blessing and delight. All three of the other dogs in the family have welcomed her in with open paws and the group is fondly referred to as the Geriatric Crew. The crew plays a lot in the yard but they are also self-proclaimed couch potatoes; they love to snuggle on the cushions and give kisses. Kona Mae, Miss Prue, Pearl, and Beaufort hope that their story of love, acceptance, and second chances will inspire others to adopt senior pups.


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