Spend the Day with Us: Installment One

On January 29, 2020, we debuted the first Spend the Day with us on social media with real-time posts of events at the shelter. And now we’ve compiled all those posts here.

Ready to spend the day with us? Here we go!

Post #1: Good morning Anchorage! We’re posting early today so you can follow along with us throughout our day. The day started at 7:45 am with volunteer, Allegra, picking up our cat, Trixie, to take her to Alaska SPCA to be spayed.

1.29.20_spendthedaywithus_FB and IG_spay neuter volunteer

Post #2: by 8:15 am the Public Relations Coordinator was at MIX 103.1 with our cat Avalanche, for the weekly Pet of the Week show.

1.29.20_spendthedaywithus_FB and IB_Mix 103.1

Post #3: At 9 am, Officer Winn was comforting two frightened cats who were in the night drop kennels.

1.29.20_spendthedaywithus_FB and IG_night drop kennel

Post #4: Wednesday is spay/neuter day when cats and kittens who have been adopted come back for surgery. Here’s  veterinary assistant, Katelyn, prepping one of 11 cats for surgery.

1.29.20_spendtheydaywithus_FB and IG_surgery prep

Post #6: By 11 am, the time we open to the public, kennel technician, Amanda, and kennel supervisor, Sue, had cleaned 31 kennels in the public area and given each of those animals fresh food and water. Now they’ll start cleaning another 69 kennels in the non-public area.

1.29.20_spendthedaywithus_FB and IG_kennel tech

Post #7: Just after we opened, our rescue partner, Alaska SPCA, picked up Sprinkles, a kitten who needs medical attention they can provide at their clinic until he’s ready for adoption at their adoption center. Thank you Alaska SPCA!

1.29.20_spendthedaywithus_FB and IG_rescue

Post #8: We found Dr. Leibold, our contracted veterinarian, sitting with Hazel. Hazel was terrified in the dog runs so kennel supervisor, Sue, set her up in a back office where it’s quieter. Hazel will be picked up by our rescue partner, Kitty and K-9 Connection, where she’ll be placed in a foster home that will be much quieter than our dog runs!

Post #9: Moca enjoyed some one-on-one time with volunteer Marilyn, who was waiting at the front door when we opened. Volunteers will come in throughout the day to spend time with our sheltered animals.

1.29.20_spendthedaywithus_FB and IG_cat volunteer

Post #10: Just two hours after opening, we had our first adoption of the day. Tiny is going home to live with two other parakeets. Lucky Tiny!

1.29.20_spendthedaywithus_FB and IG_firstadoption

Post #11: At 1:15 pm, Officer Graber headed out to pick up two confined stray dogs. Because nearly 80% of the stray dogs brought to us are reunited with their families, we’re hopeful that these two will be home with their families soon.

1.29.20_spendthedaywithus_FB and IG_ACOcall_1

Post #12: AACC Director and veterinarian, Dr. Wilson, examined several dogs today. Animals are examined if staff notes any health concerns or if the animal is considered a senior.

Post #13: After spending the morning cleaning kennels, Sue switched roles and began evaluating cats before making them available for adoption. There are 10 cats waiting for evaluation today which is why Sue often doesn’t take lunch until 4:00 pm!

Post #14: Hazel is leaving the building (see Hazel’s post from earlier today). Our rescue partner, Kitty and K-9 Connection, came in this afternoon to pick her up. Hazel was pampered all the way to the door – she didn’t like the leash so Sue just wrapped her in her blanket (it’s cold out for a little dog!) and carried her. We know Hazel will be in good hands with KK9!

1.29.20_spendthedaywithus_FB and IG_rescue_2

Post #15: Good Samaritans brought stray animals to us throughout the day, hoping to help the animals be reunited with their families. This cat talked to us the whole time!

1.29.20_spendthedaywithus_FB and IG_goodsamaritans

Post #16: After bringing in his third stray dog for the day, Officer Graber takes a moment to give treats to all the dogs.

Post #17: At 4:00 pm sharp, anxious cat and kitten parents were arriving to pick up their feline friends from spay/neuter surgery. Zachary’s dad was the first one here!

1.29.20_spendthedaywithus_FB and IG_surgerypickup

Post #18: Foster mom, Debbie, picks up a kitten who hasn’t been eating well. We know this little one will gets lots of TLC in Debbie’s care.

We’ll end Spend the Day with Us on this hopeful post. Watch for Installment Two of Spend the Day with Us soon!



2 Responses to “Spend the Day with Us: Installment One”

  1. 1 Deborah Voves February 15, 2020 at 1:49 pm

    Thank you for sharing. And, a big thank-you to my former boss (in the UFCW jacket) for getting his kitty, Zachary, neutered! Way to go, big guy!

  2. 2 Janet Mischler February 16, 2020 at 5:59 pm

    love this

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