Abby’s Story: A Dog’s Best Friend


This blog is written by Abby. Like many shelter dogs, only parts of her past are known.
But Abby reminds us it isn’t where you’ve been that defines you, it’s where you’re going.
This is her story.

I was terrified. I could hear voices and smell something yummy, but I was too scared to even move or leave this kennel. I didn’t want to talk. I didn’t want to play. I didn’t want to eat. I just wanted everyone to leave me alone so I could think and figure out what was happening.

But the voices were sweet and weren’t giving up and the treats that were offered were ones I liked, so, I thought, what was the worst that could happen?  Eventually, I decided to venture out a little. I caught a glimpse of some warm, affectionate and concerned faces. I ate some treats, walked around a little and then went back to where I felt safe – my kennel.


This happened every day and slowly I started looking forward to the voices and the treats. The faces looked happier these days, the concern was melting away.  I bet my face looked different too. That is the thing about dogs, we cannot help but trust and love. It’s just inside of us, always pulsing through every fiber of our beings. Even though I was confused and didn’t understand why I was here and not in my home, I still believe in the good in the humans. We call them dog’s best friends.

Then one day, after I had an especially good time out of my kennel, I was placed in a new kennel in the “adoption area” where there was a lot more activity, lots more people to play with and yes, more treats. I started meeting new people –  they are all named “Volunteer”, isn’t that funny? They told me I was up for adoption and that someone would be lucky to have me as their friend. I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I know that humans believe in me and I believe in humans. So, I sat and patiently waited for the one that smells like my best friend.

It didn’t take them too long to find me; their sweet faces reminded me of those first faces I saw that coaxed me from out of my kennel. Kindness is easy to spot. So, I am adopted now (check out those smiles in my adoption photo) and I am off to a new life. I used to like to play fetch, chew on bones and snuggle. I hope my new family likes those things too, but I am sure they do.


To a future full of smiles, hope, and love,



When Abby came to the shelter on 5/28/17 she was quite fearful and she did not want to come out of her kennel. The staff at AACC worked with her every day – carefully and patiently coaxing her out of her kennel to play with her for a bit, before letting her go back in where she felt safe. Eventually, the staff gained her trust and started putting that smile back on her face. She was then moved out into the public area so the volunteers could work with her. She was adopted on 6/11/17.  Abby’s success is a perfect example of the effort AACC puts into its animals.  We want every dog, cat, and pet to have a successful re-homing and we do everything possible to try to make that happen. We want every animal’s story to be like Abby’s. 


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