Gwenny and Oreo: A Love Story between a Dog and a Rabbit

It’s only January but we think we may have The Best Adoption Story of the Year already. Seriously.

Gwenny, a 70-lb pittie adopted from Anchorage Animal Care & Control (AACC), has always been a good mother to the kittens her human family fosters for AACC. As if that wasn’t sweet enough, Gwenny showed the same urge to mother Oreo, a 15-week old rabbit, when her mom, Leah, brought him home to foster.

At that time Gwenny was going through a long and difficult recovery from hip surgeries. She was restless, anxious, and tearing out her stitches despite wearing a cone and her mom’s best attempts to keep her away from the sutures. Everyone was having a hard time.

But then…enter Oreo: “Gwenny has had a TOUGH recovery, just struggling to stay calm and not inflict further damage on herself. But ever since we brought Oreo home, she has calmly waited outside his cage for hours, patiently staying still until the moments he would grace her with sniffs and face time. This bunny has seriously been better than ANY med at keeping her laying low as she recovers.

Today I had Oreo in my lap as I worked, Gwenny watching nearby, when all of a sudden he hopped a touch closer to her and she just tucked him under her paw and fell asleep.”

Any tears happening yet? Don’t lie.

As Gwenny and Oreo’s inter-species love story unfolded, their mom struggled: should she adopt Oreo and add to her already full house or let Oreo go to another home?

And then the call came from AACC – there was a potential adopter who wanted to meet Oreo. Gwenny looked on anxiously as the family prepared to leave with her rabbit. Oreo’s mom and foster sister, Josie, headed to the shelter with mixed feelings. Holding Oreo on her lap, Josie, whispered, “Maybe you should bite him and then he won’t want you.”

The adopter was supposed to meet them at AACC at 5:00. 5:05. 5:10. 5:15. Customer Service calls the adopter – no answer. 5:20. 5:25. Leah asks Customer Service for an adoption application. Soon thereafter, Leah and Josie take Gwenny’s rabbit back home, where he’ll spend the rest of his life in Gwenny’s embrace (and Josie’s!).

Didn’t we say this is the best adoption story?

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