Batman: A Cautionary Tale About Life on the Street

Ever heard the term “mean streets?” Well, Batman is here to tell you that he knows exactly what that means.

Batman’s story as we know it, started in September 2016 when he was brought to us as a stray. When no one claimed him, be became available for adoption, ready for a second chance at a home where he would be loved.


Batman in 2016

Here’s the bio we wrote for him in 2016:

Don’t let his name fool you – Batman isn’t looking for superhero adventures. BUT, he is looking for your love and he promises to be a superhero at loving you back. This striking boy is serene, composed and quietly affectionate. Well, that is until he gets a hold of catnip and then the superhero in him comes out!

Well, whether he wanted them or not, Batman got superhero adventures. But they were scary adventures. Life or death adventures.

As with every animal who leaves with his/her new family, we always hope they have found the perfect home. Sometimes they have. Sometimes they have not. Sadly for Batman, it appears he had not found the perfect home because on April 7, 2020 he came back to us, a stray once again, but this time with the signs all over his body that he had been living on the mean streets.


Batman when he was found  by Good Samaritans.

Here’s what was noted when Batman was examined:

Batman had multiple infected punctures, swollen right eyelid and scratches on his body, likely the result of being in several cat fights. He also had a severe case of ear mites with a secondary ear infection.

Batman spent from April 7th to April 20th being tended by Katelyn, AACC Veterinary Assistant. Always the gentleman, he let her clean his wounds and ears and apply antibiotic ointment.


As his body healed, so did his spirit and we once again saw the Batman we had known and loved – the Batman who just wants to be held, cuddled, and loved. The Batman who’s happy playing with a ball soaked in catnip. The Batman who never wants to live on the streets again.

Batman’s experience is a testament as to why cats should not be allowed to roam. It’s not safe and it’s not legal. We know Batman would have spent these past few years content as an indoor cat, watching the world from a favorite window, perched on top of a cat tree, settling into his person’s lap for a nap, and curling up in his person’s bed at night, safe and sound. This time around, he’s looking for a safe haven.



1 Response to “Batman: A Cautionary Tale About Life on the Street”

  1. 1 Deborah Voves April 20, 2020 at 11:52 am

    I am hoping that Batman finally gets his loving, forever home as an indoor kitty. I have three kitties that love their indoor life/ And, I am certain that Batman would too!

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