Vacation with Your Cat? Yes, You Can!

Top Ten Things to Do with Your Cat:

  1. Vacation

Stop right there…did we say “vacation.” Yes, we did. And we can support that claim!

Let’s introduce our feline traveler, Blessing. Blessing came to AACC in January, 2017 when he was all of a few hours old. He was immediately transferred to an experienced foster mom who understood the round-the-clock care he would need. Not only did he survive, he thrived in her care. And he stole her heart. After fostering 135 kittens, this foster mom finally “failed” and adopted one. And so their journey began.

This summer, their journey took them to that favorite Alaskan tourist town, Talkeetna. When Blessing’s mom saw that, due to COVID-19,  the Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge was offering reduced rates for Alaska residents and allowing their pets to join their humans, she jumped at the chance to watch for The Mountain to show herself alongside her feline friend.

What made Blessing’s mom even think of taking him on vacation? Because Blessing has been raised to be secure in the world outside his home. From the time he was young, she has taken him on car rides, taught him to walk on a harness and leash, and to ride in his stroller. Because of all this, Blessing has been able to accompany his mom on trips to Seward, flights to visit family in Washington, and to social gatherings.

Blessing’s mom takes extra precautions for his safety. For instance, when riding in his stroller, he still wears his harness and leash and she has the leash securely in her hands in case he wants to jump out to explore. And while on the trails in Talkeetna, she even attached a bear bell to his stroller. And, of course, Blessing has a microchip and an I.D. tag on his harness.

And so, this pair traveled to Talkeetna together where they enjoyed strolling through town, taking in the view from the Lodge’s deck, and making new friends – everything a vacation should be for both feline and human.

We asked Blessing’s mom if she thinks he likes traveling and she told us, “He likes to be with me, which he is 24/7 when traveling.  As a cat he is curious and new sights, sounds, and smells are exciting and stimulating to him.”

Blessing’s mom has a few tips for others who may want to travel with their cat:

  1. Your cat should be well-identified with a microchip and I.D. tag on a collar or harness.
  2. A stroller makes air travel easier. You can push your cat through the airport in the stroller and then transfer him/her to an under-the-seat bag when you board the plane. The stroller will go down the jetway and be stored with other baby strollers in the hold just before boarding the plane.  
  3. On a car trip have water available and a litter box, should they be needed.  
  4. Take along a small dustpan and brush to tidy up around the litter box at your hotel/accommodation.  
  5. More places allow dogs than cats, so be a neat guest to encourage hotels/motels to allow kitties as guests.  

Parting words from Blessing’s mom, “I think cats that go places around town in the car, interact with other people, and go for walks in a stroller travel well.  A cat who has only been inside his home will probably have a harder time adjusting to travel and new places.”

All photos courtesy of Blessing and his mom.


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