Zeus: Springs Into His New Life!


On June 3, 2019, Zeus was brought to us by Anchorage Police Department (APD) after they charged his owner with cruelty to animals. According to the police report, witnesses saw a man on a bike hitting a dog (with both open and closed hands), kicking the dog (hard enough to knock the dog’s body around), and yanking on the dog’s leash. These Good Samaritans confronted the man and an altercation ensued during which the frightened dog approached one of the Good Samaritans and attempted to hide behind him. APD responded, arrested the dog’s abuser, and brought the dog, Zeus, to our shelter.

Per Municipal Code Title 17: If an animal has been placed in protective custody due to charges of cruelty against the owner, the animal shall not be released to its owner until a final determination is made pursuant to Chapter 8.55
(Cruelty to Animals).

Not only can the animal not be released to his/her owner, he cannot be released from protective custody. Animals in protective custody live at the shelter, spending most of their time in a kennel, dependent upon shelter staff and volunteers for care and much-needed attention. In Zeus’ case, this included walks and playtime with volunteers, and visits to the veterinary dermatologist when he developed skin allergies. To ease his discomfort, he was placed on a special diet and medications and given medicated baths twice a week for four weeks by kennel technicians.

Until the Case is Resolved

Zeus’ case was resolved on March 5, 2020 when the defendant pled guilty and was ordered to relinquish Zeus to the Municipality of Anchorage.

After living at the shelter for 8 months Zeus is finally able to move on with his life. Because of his allergies and need for continued care, he is going to one of our valued rescue partners who will ensure his adopters will be committed to his medical care. But first, we had a farewell gathering for Zeus to wish him well and let him know that he is loved.

Zeus gathered with the people who cared for him over the last eight months.


Zeus with kennel staff


Zeus with one of his volunteers who brought him a box of farewell gifts including toys, a bed, and new food bowls.


Zeus with more of his volunteers who came to wish him well.

And he partied hard!




And then he climbed into the car of our rescue partner, The Hound Lounge, who will find a new family for him. 


Farewell Zeus! We wish you the best.


The Faces of Protective Custody

Zeus is just one of many animals who have stayed with us under protective custody. You don’t see these animals on our social media pages but just because they aren’t visible doesn’t mean they aren’t valued.

Here are a few of the recent protective custody animals we have cared for:


Braya: 10 months in protective custody. Adopted to her new family on 11/16/17.



Wrangell: 10 months in protective custody. Adopted to his new family on 4/4/19.


Skye: 5 months in protective custody. Adopted to her new family on August 30, 2019.

Still in custody:
An 18-year old cat and a dog: one year in protective custody.
Case is ongoing so the information is confidential.


2 Responses to “Zeus: Springs Into His New Life!”

  1. 1 Malinda July 22, 2020 at 8:57 pm

    My family loves him so much! He is a wonderful dog- we call him Bruce. By the way, we got allergy testing done & he’s doing excellent eating all kinds of snacks that he’s not allergic to. Please feel free to contact us anytime regarding him. Thank you for taking such good care of Bruce.

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