Pet of the Week – Salt (A202995) & Pepper (A202996)

UPDATE 2/1:  We are down to only 2 guinea pigs still looking for homes, Gramble and Wilber.  Everyone else, including Salt and Pepper, have been adopted! 

Here is the KBEAR 104.1 Pet of the Week:

Salt (A202995)

Salt (A202995)

We started at the end of last week with NINE guinea pigs coming into the Center.  We’re happy to say that 4 have been adopted, but we still have 5 looking for new homes.  Today we’d like you to meet a happy duo, Salt & Pepper!  They are 2 year old females that are longtime friends and would like to be adopted together. They get along fine with dogs, like sitting on your lap, and snacking on yogurt drops. Curious and friendly, and really enjoy each other’s company. They can easily entertain each other when not entertaining you! Guinea pigs can live 5-8 years.  They can get very excited to see you, once they get to know you, and will dance, hop, and chirp in greeting.  They are also very social animals, so adopting these gals together is the ideal guinea pig situation!  They can be adopted for $15 for both.

Pepper (A202996)

Pepper (A202996)


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