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Pet of the Week – Kinley (A208435)

Here is the Mix 103.1 Pet of the Week:

Kinley (A208435)

Kinley (A208435)

Here is Kinley, a 1.5 year old, female, lab mix.  Curious, active and friendly, this young girl likes exploring on walks, sitting with you after exercise, and will climb into your lap to give you a kiss! She’s kennel-trained, used to long car rides and playing outside for 1-2 hours a day. She likes cuddling, playing ball, tug, and chewing on bones and Kongs, and will sit nicely for a treat and take it gently. She’s friendly with kids (though may be too bouncy for really small children). A fine companion for an active home!  Kinley can be adopted for $152, which includes her spay deposit, MOA dog license, vaccinations, and microchip.


Pet of the Week – Afina (A208244)

UPDATE 9/12:  If you missed Afina’s spot on KTVA’s Daybreak show this morning, check it out here!

Here is the KTVA Channel 11 News Pet of the Week:

Afina (A208244)

Afina (A208244)

Here is Afina, a young adult, female, domestic mediumhair mix cat.  Afina is a sweet gal, who is a great mix of cuddly and playful!  She enjoys feather toys and jingly balls, but is easy to hold and carry.  She is also known to cross her paws while in your arms, highlighting her adorable daintiness.  This has beautiful markings, super soft fur, and striking green eyes – as if her personality wasn’t enough to make you fall in love!  She has already made many friends here at the shelter, one of which is donating the cost of our spay surgery, reducing her adoption fees by $80.  Afina can now be adopted for $62, which includes her vaccinations and microchip.

A208244 Afina2

Pet of the Week – Titan (A202986)

Here is the Alaska Dispatch News Dog Blog Pet of the Week:

Titan (A202986)

Titan (A202986)

Please meet Titan, a 1 year old, neutered male, pit bull mix.  Alert and attentive, this active young fellow is good-natured and ready to please. He has a bright, happy personality and enjoys being with people. Friendly and playful, he likes to fetch tennis balls, run, go for walks, and cuddle with his humans after exercise. He’s lived happily with kids 9 and 10, but does not get along with cats. Affectionate and will climb into your lap to give you a kiss! Sweet pup–a great all-around companion!  Titan is already neutered and current on his required vaccinations, so he is only $42 to adopt, which includes is MOA dog license and microchip!

A202986 Titan2

New Ways to Find Lost Pets Unveiled by Animal Care & Control

Adoptable and Lost/Found Pet Searches Improved on

Anchorage Animal Care and Control Center (AACCC) is excited to announced their new online features for the Adoptable and Lost/Found Pet pages on These enhancements have been integrated into the current website to better serve the public, the shelter and ultimately, the animals.

Sign up to automatically receive emails on animals entering the shelter!

One of the most common inquiries received at AACCC are requests from community members to be contacted when specific breeds that match their missing pet enter the shelter as strays, or when specific breeds they wish to adopt become available. Through the new integration between and the AACCC database system, community members can sign up to automatically receive emails on animals they have lost, animals they have found or animals that they wish to adopt. They can restrict their selection based on breed, age, gender and even color.

Email photos to friends and family!

Continue reading ‘New Ways to Find Lost Pets Unveiled by Animal Care & Control’

2015 Poster Dog Winner Announced!

This year’s Poster Dog Contest was a huge success! We had over many WONDERFUL entries and all of the judges commented on how hard it was to make their selections! A winner had to be picked and final results are in!

Poster Dog Winner:  Bonnie Blue, owner Carrie & Aaron Stilwell

Bonnie Blue

Bonnie Blue

Continue reading ‘2015 Poster Dog Winner Announced!’

Pet of the Week – Mittens (A207317)

Here is the KFAT 92.9 / Wolf 96.3 Pet of the Week:

Mittens (A207317)

Mittens (A207317)

Here is Mittens, a 3 year old, spayed female, domestic mediumhair mix cat.  Mittens has a very loving and sweet personality. This gorgeous tortoiseshell is quick to greet you and purrs non-stop when you pet her. She has previously lived happily with children from infants to 10 years, other cats and a dog–and got along great with everyone. She relaxes in your arms when held and is quite the love sponge. Very interactive and affectionate gal!  Mittens can be adopted for $62, as she is already spayed, which includes her vaccinations and microchip.

A207317 Mittens2

Pet of the Week – Dino (A132098)

UPDATE 9/9:  Dino has been adopted!

Here is the KBEAR 104.1 Pet of the Week:

Dino (A132098)

Dino (A132098)

Please meet Dino, a 7 year old, neutered male, domestic mediumhair mix cat.  Dino is a gentle and very sweet-natured giant.  While he can be timid at first, he warms up very quickly.  He enjoys both pets and brushing, which he will acknowledge with a quiet, but persistent purr.  His beautiful flame point coloring and bright blue eyes match is beautiful, loving demeanor.  Dino can be adopted for $62, as he is already neutered, which includes his vaccinations and microchip.

A132098 Dino2

Pet of the Week – Bob (A208011) & Ed (A208012)

UPDATE 9/5:  Bob and Ed have been adopted together!

UPDATE 9/5:  Did you miss their spot on KTVA?  Check it out here!

Here are the KTVA Channel 11 New’s Pets of the Week:

Ed and Bob

Ed and Bob

Bob and Ed will be featured on KTVA’s Channel 11 News Daybreak show tomorrow morning!

Ed (A208011)

Ed (A208011)

We have a dynamic duo for you to meet today!  Happy and friendly, though shy at first meeting, these two guys–Ed and Bob –love being with Continue reading ‘Pet of the Week – Bob (A208011) & Ed (A208012)’

Pet of the Week – Frenchy & Cottonball

Here are the Mix 103.1 Pets of the Week:

Frenchy (A207601)

Frenchy (A207601)

We have two rabbits currently up for adoption!  Frenchy is a white, shorthair, adult, male rabbit.  This big, handsome fellow is very friendly, soft, and good-natured. He’s curious and attentive and will come right up to you for petting and attention, and enjoys sitting on your lap. Cottonball is a tan, longhair, adult, female rabbit.  She is very outgoing and friendly, quick to get to know new people.  She enjoys being held and has a calm, patient personality.  Both have very soft fur and are real people lovers!  Rabbits, in general, are very intelligent and social, and can be quite affectionate.  They generally live 8-10 years and require as much care as a dog or a cat.  Many rabbits enjoy playing with toys to chew on and toss around for fun.  Rabbits have delicate skeletons, and so should be handled gently.  Children should always be supervised when handling rabbits.  If you are interested in a pet other than a dog or a cat, this adorable bunny might be the perfect pet for you!  Frenchy and Cottonball can be adopted for $20 each.

Cottonball (A208294)

Cottonball (A208294)

Pet of the Week – Tigra (A208242)

Here is the Alaska Dispatch News Pet of the Week:

Tigra (A208242)

Tigra (A208242)

Here is Tigra, a 4 year old, spayed female, pit bull mix.  Calm, cool and collected, this sweet girl is friendly and easy-going, though somewhat shy and reserved.  She’s alert and intelligent, focused, and really enjoys being with people. She’s easy on leash, responsive and affectionate. She’s been to doggy daycare and the dogpark, enjoys playing with other dogs (and has lived with one), rides well in the car, and is used to 1-2 hours of exercise a day. She will chase small animals, so best to a home without felines. She has lived with kids, but will not be a good match for young children due to her shyness. Distinctive striped coat!  Tigra can be adopted for $72, as she is already spayed, which includes her MOA dog license, vaccinations and microchip.

A208242 Tigra2

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