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Buddy loves the snow!

Check out this adorable volunteer video of Buddy playing in the snow!

For more info on Buddy, check out his previous post!

Winter Pet Care

This is information we posted last year, but it is that time again!  This covers some basic cold weather info for both dogs AND cats from the American Animal Hospital Association at their website:  Also, Volunteer Metis previously posted a great article on Quality Caretaking in the Cold for our pets.  If you haven’t read it yet, you definitely should! 

Cold weather can be hard on pets, just like it can be hard on people. Sometimes owners forget that their pets are just as accustomed to the warm shelter of the indoors as they are. Some owners will leave their animals outside for extended periods of time, thinking that all animals are adapted to live outdoors. This can put their pets in danger of serious illness. There are things you can do to keep your animal warm and safe.

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Awesome New Volunteer Videos!

Here’s a quick clip that is too much fun to watch!!  Fun in the snow with Ren (A174764).  Ren is currently available for adoption!

Also, here is a clip of some great new work volunteers are doing to help keep dogs up for adoption mentally stimulated while they are with us!  So much fun it’s hard to believe it’s good for them too!

Watch adoptable AACCC dogs Samantha and Flower try to find the hidden cookies during this mind and scent game. Some dogs really think through it and some just leap on the toy until it dispenses their treat – either approach is fun to watch and great mental stimulation for the dogs. Mind games help keep shelter dogs healthy during their stay with us. Join us every Wednesday for dog enrichment at AACCC. Bring cookies.

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