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Fun Times at Play Group

Shelter Dog Play Group was quite the romping time last weekend!  Here’s some adorable volunteer photos to check out!  Wilson (A182117) – tan pit bull mix, Buddy (A176455) – black lab mix, and Dwight (A177260) are all still available for adoption!!

Dwight, Olivia, and Buddy romp, while Wilson looks on


Molly and Rylee have a blast in Play Group!

Molly and Rylee, our lab sisters, were featured as Pet of the Week yesterday. Here’s a cute little clip of them having a blast in Shelter Dog Playgoup! The white puppy playing with Rylee is Candy, who was adopted Tuesday!

For more info, check out their post!

Play Time and Enrichment at AACCC!

AACCC volunteers do more than just take the dogs for walks! Each week there are enrichment sessions to stimulate the minds of our adoptable dogs, as well as their bodies, and playgroups to give them socialization and fun time! Want to help with these great programs! Sign up to be a volunteer by coming into the Center or downloading the volunteer application at, under the Volunteer link on the left side of the screen!

Check out recent Pet of the Week Memnoch (A148130) and other shelter dogs having a great time with volunteers and each other!  Thank you to Volunteer Mary W. for the great videos!

Fun Times at Shelter Dog Play Group!

Here’s a great volunteer video of last weekend’s Play Group!  Check out the action yourself Sundays at 1pm!

Ducky Lives Up to His Name

Ducky (A177124) recently enjoyed Shelter Dog Play Group.  He was absolutely ADORABLE.  He ran and jumped and with all of the dogs until he discovered something a bit more fun…

Ducking under my friend Olivia!

Can you spot me?

Shelter Dog Play Group – Tons of Fun!

Here’s a great new volunteer video of Shelter Dog Play Group!

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