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Pet of the Week – Buddy (A195657)

UPDATE 4/14:  Buddy has been adopted!

Here is the KTVA Channel 11 Pet of the Week:

Buddy (A195657)

Buddy (A195657)

Here is Buddy, a 6 year old, neutered male, domestic longhair mix cat.  Buddy is a very easy-going, relaxed guy who loves to be with people and enjoys children of all ages. He knows how to play gently; he also does well with dogs and other cats.  Buddy is declawed on his front paws. He enjoys hanging out with his people and sitting in their laps, although he can be independent too. Buddy is an engaging kitty; he will reach out and touch his people gently on the arm to get their attention, very sweet! If you are looking for an easy addition to a family, please come in and check out this darling boy!  Buddy can be adopted for $62, as he is already neutered, which includes his vaccinations and microchip.



Nine Lives, One Leash

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this article in the New York Times!!!

Published: December 28, 2011

THERE are outdoor cats and there are indoor cats. When I brought home Mac, a 4-year-old orange tabby, from a shelter last year, I realized I had acquired a demanding combination of the two.

Suzanne DeChillo/The New York Times

Mac, the author’s tabby, shows how training and patience pay off. No pigeons or mourning doves were harmed during this excursion to the park.  (Check out the original aritcal to see a video of Mac’s “before” and “after”!)

While he liked a cozy bed and two squares a day, Mac had a style that was apparently cramped by my one-bedroom apartment, and he dashed outside whenever I opened the door to my deck, returning hours later.

The idea of walking him on a leash came after a series of unleashed mishaps. He killed a mourning dove, wounded a pigeon, tore a drumstick off a turkey that a neighbor had left cooling in his window and hung from another neighbor’s screen door close to midnight so that she awoke in terror.

Mac wasn’t winning any friends in the apartment building. And I realized that letting a cat get into trouble seven stories above Brooklyn’s streets was dangerous.

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Noble Beasts: When My Cat Finally Took to the Leash

Are you a cat lover?  Know someone who is?  Then you should read this article on (link below) and share it! Not only is it entertaining (and pretty short), but shares a great story about a safe way for cat owners to let their feline friends enjoy the outdoors!  Leash laws apply to cats in Anchorage, as well as dogs, and we want to see all Meowers safe!  Includes a cute video of his cat waiting at the door for him and adventuring outside!

Noble Beasts:  When My Cat Finally Took to the Leash

Put a Stop to Off-leash Dogs in On-leash Areas

This is an good article from the Animal Behavior Associates Cat and Dog Behavior Blog

[AACCC note:  In Anchorage, we have 5 Off-Leash Areas.  You can download our brochure for more info on these areas:  Off Leash Dog Parks Brochure.]

Here in Denver, off-leash dogs in on-leash areas are becoming more and more of a problem.  Since our dogs were attacked by an off-leash dog in the summer of 2009, we’ve become quite sensitive to this issue.

Too many dog owners seem to be operating under the false assumption that there is nothing wrong with allowing their dogs to run off leash in on-leash areas, because their dogs are “friendly” and won’t harm anyone. Many of these folks will even yell at a distance, as their dogs come galloping toward people “Don’t worry, he’s friendly”, as though that makes their illegal and dangerous choice acceptable.

First, for a leashed dog, having an unleashed dog rush unwanted and uninvited into its personal space when it is restricted by the leash is a stressful event.   Many owners who walk their dogs where off leash dogs are prohibited do so for a reason – their dogs aren’t good playing off leash with other dogs.  It is blatantly selfish and irresponsible to put these people and their dogs in the very situation they want to responsibly avoid.  The lawbreaker’s attitude seems to be that they and their dogs’ welfare are more important than that of others. 

The “Oh he’s friendly” claim is not only irrelevant but also a myth. No dog owner can accurately predict 100% of the time how her dog will react when greeting another dog.  All we have to do is look at the skirmishes and fights that happen at dog parks, even when the dogs are on “equal footing”.  And having an illegally off-leash dog cause a problem for a leashed dog just once is too much.  People who take their dogs to dog parks willingly assume that risk – those who walk only in leashed areas should not be forced to by irresponsible owners. 

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Pet of the Week – Frankie (A168341)

UPDATE 4/7:  Frankie has been adopted!

Here is the KTVA Channel 11 Pet of the Week:

Frankie (A168341)

Here is Frankie, a young adult, neutered male, domestic mediumhair cat.  Super friendly, outgoing, interactive and playful, this young guy is curious, adventurous, but loving and affectionate. He really loves people and attention, quick to cuddle against you and give kitty kisses. He is an energetic and enthusiastic guy about everything from eating to snuggling! He’s lived with other cats and did fine. He is also a big fan of laser lights and can be walked on a leash and harness, which he very much enjoys! Funny fellow, with a great personality!  Frankie can be adopted for $62, as he is already neutered, which includes his vaccinations and microchip.

Check out Frankie walking on leash and playing with a tennis ball in his KTVA Channel 11 spot by clicking here!

Frankie originally came to us last summer, when this fantastic volunteer video was made.  The family that adopted him returned him due to their moving and not being able to take him with them.  Check out his fun antics in this great video! 

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