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2014 Licenses Are Here!

Does your dog have a current MOA dog license? Our 2014 licenses are now available here at the Center and at most veterinary clinics in town! Our 2014 Poster Dog, Norm, is happy to help spread the word about the need to license your dog! All dogs 4 months and older, living within the Municipality, must have a current MOA dog license. Special thank you to David Jensen Photography for donating their services to our campaign!

Yale law library tries therapy dog

To help stressed law students during finals, Yale is trying out a therapy dog program!  Very cool story you should check out:

“At the Yale University Law Library, you can check out ”Legal Alchemy: The Use and Misuse of Science in the Law.” You can check out “The Supreme Court A to Z: A Ready Reference Encyclopedia.”

Or, you can check out Monty, a terrier mix whose mission, in an experimental program started this month, is to de-stress, during final exam time, the litigators of tomorrow.”

To read the full story, go to:

HSUS Give Nod for New AK Animal Cruelty Laws

On Saturday, the Alaska Legislature passed new Animal Cruelty Laws for the State of Alaska.  The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) posted a release today of their website applauding this process in the fight against animal cruelty:

From The HSUS website

April 19, 2010

The HSUS Applauds Alaska Legislature for Passing Felony Animal Cruelty Bill:  Group urges Gov. Parnell to sign H.B. 6 into law

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