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AACCC Closed for 4th of the July

AACCC will be CLOSED to the public Thursday, July 4th (tomorrow), for the holiday. We will open with regular hours Friday (11am-7pm) through the weekend (Sat-Sun, 10am-6pm).

Pet and Fireworks Don’t Mix!

Independence Day Weekend Reminder:  Fireworks and Pets Don’t Mix

As we approach the holiday weekend, please remember that July 4th celebrations can be a potentially dangerous and frightening time for pets.  While fireworks are not allowed within the Municipality of Anchorage, many people travel with their pets to see family, camp, and enjoy the holiday.  Help ensure the health and safety of your pet by following these tips:


  • Keep your pet in a SECURE and quiet setting, like your home (make sure all windows and doors are closed);
  • Turning on a television or radio can mask the noise of fireworks, helping keep your pet calm;
  • Be certain your pet has a current MOA dog license, a current identification tag, and its rabies tag securely fastened to its collar;
  • In the unfortunate event that your pet does escape, check with the Anchorage Animal Care and Control Center ASAP; and
  • While the Center can be reached by phone at 343-8122, it is always best to come in person to look for your dog or cat every 2-3 days, as no one can identify your animal better than you.


Please direct further questions to Anchorage Animal Care and Control at 343-8122 or access information on our website,

AACCC Will Be Closed Monday!

AACCC will be closed to the public Monday, in observance of the Memorial Day Holiday.  We will open for regular hours on Tuesday.

AACCC Hours this weekend:

Saturday Open 10am-6pm

Sunday Open 10am-6pm

Monday CLOSED – Memorial Day

Tuesday Open 11am-7pm

Top 10 holiday dangers for cats

With the holiday season fast approaching, cat owners need to remember that seemingly innocent ribbons, candles and holiday foods can be hazardous to their cat’s health. Being aware of holiday hazards can help keep your client’s feline friend in their home and out of the emergency room during holiday celebrations.

Share these 10 tips from the national CATalyst Council to keep cats safe and healthy this holiday season:

1. Dangerous wrapping

—Brightly colored bows and ribbons are a festive and enjoyable part of the holiday season, but remember that ribbon can be extremely dangerous for cats. If ingested, it can cause a cat’s intestines to bunch and get twisted, and in many cases this will need to be remedied with surgery. If left untreated, this can be fatal.

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Holiday Pet Safety Tips

Thanksgiving is two days out and many people are already thinking about the Christmas decorations!  Keep your pet’s health and safety in mind as the holiday dinners, lights and fun get underway with these tips from the ASPCA:

Holly, Jolly and Oh-So-Safe! Of course you want to include your furry companions in the festivities, pet parents, but as you celebrate this holiday season, try to keep your pet’s eating and exercise habits as close to their normal routine as possible. And be sure to steer them clear of the following unhealthy treats, toxic plants and dangerous decorations:

O Christmas Tree Securely anchor your Christmas tree so it doesn’t tip and fall, causing possible injury to your pet. This will also prevent the tree water—which may contain fertilizers that can cause stomach upset—from spilling. Stagnant tree water is a breeding ground for bacteria and your pet could end up with nausea or diarrhea should he imbibe.

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AAHA: Holiday Pet Hazards

Here are some great tips from the American Animal Hospital Association about keeping our pets safe during the holidays.  Check out for lots of great pet information!  You can see other holiday pet health tips from our Thanksgiving post on this topic.

While you are busy making your festive plans for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas, please don’t forget to include your pets. The holidays are a time for giving, but there are some things you should not share with your furry friends. Once you know the hazards, a little precaution and prevention will make holidays a happy time for everyone.

Some of the more common holiday hazards include:


The holiday turkey or chicken will leave a lot of tantalizing bones, but don’t feed them to your pet. Beware of steak bones, too. Small bones or bone chips can lodge in the throat, stomach, and intestinal tract.

Holiday plants:

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Holiday Pet Safety Tips

Thanksgiving is next week and some are already planning their shopping trips, whether it be to the supermarket for groceries or to the mall for early sales.  Please keep in mind the following information to help keep your pets safe and healthy this holiday season!

From the ASPCA,

‘Tis the season for friends, family and holiday feasts—but also for possible distress for our animal companions. Pets won’t be so thankful if they munch on undercooked turkey or a pet-unfriendly floral arrangement, or if they stumble upon an unattended alcoholic drink.

Talkin’ Turkey
If you decide to feed your pet a little nibble of turkey, make sure it’s boneless and well-cooked. Don’t offer her raw or undercooked turkey, which may contain salmonella bacteria.

Sage Advice
Sage can make your Thanksgiving stuffing taste delish, but it and many other herbs contain essential oils and resins that can cause gastrointestinal upset and central nervous system depression to pets if eaten in large quantities. Cats are especially sensitive to the effects of certain essential oils.

No Bread Dough
Don’t spoil your pet’s holiday by giving him raw bread dough. According to ASPCA experts, when raw bread dough is ingested, an animal’s body heat causes the dough to rise in his stomach. As it expands, the pet may experience vomiting, severe abdominal pain and bloating, which could become a life-threatening emergency, requiring surgery.

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