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Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth

Great info from the American Animal Hospital Association website, www.healthypet.com

Equally important to annual dental exams at your veterinarian’s practice is home dental care, including brushing your pet’s teeth every day if possible. AAHA recommends a technique for both younger and older animals, although it’s easier to start brushing when your pet is young.

To introduce a fearful Fido or timid Tabby to the idea of dental care, start slowly and gradually. Dip a finger into beef bouillon (for dogs) or tuna water (for cats) and gently rub along your pet’s gums and teeth. The most important area to focus on is the gum line (the crevice where the gums meet the teeth), where bacteria and food mix to form plaque. Focusing on the gum line, start at the front of the mouth, then move to the back upper and lower teeth and gum areas. Once your pet is okay with a little bit of touching, gradually introduce gauze over your finger and rub the teeth and gums in a circular fashion.

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Pet of the Week – Syn (A176844)

UPDATE 4/29:  Syn has been adopted!

Here is the KFAT 92.9/Wolf 96.3 Pet of the Week:

Syn (A176844)

Here is Syn, a 10 year old, spayed female, domestic longhair mix cat.  Calm, attentive and focused, the beautiful older gal likes cuddling and nuzzling. She is a great example of why older pets can make a great addition to the family.  She’s quite low-maintenance, very content to just hang out and watch the world go by. She loves attention and will rub back on you or give head buts while getting her pets.  This sweetheart is a great lap cat with bright coloring and eyes and a personality to match!  Syn can be adopted for $62, as she is already spayed, which includes her vaccinations and microchip.

Ducky Lives Up to His Name

Ducky (A177124) recently enjoyed Shelter Dog Play Group.  He was absolutely ADORABLE.  He ran and jumped and with all of the dogs until he discovered something a bit more fun…

Ducking under my friend Olivia!

Can you spot me?

Pet of the Week – Kitty (A170413)

UPDATE 8/23:  Kitty has been adopted!

Here is the KFAT/Wolf/Buzz radio Pet of the Week:

Kitty (A170413)

Please meet Kitty, a 4 year old, female, domestic shorthair mix cat.  She can be a little shy at first, but warms up quickly and then it’s all purr, purr, purr!  Not only are her coloring (lynx point) and eyes (bright blue) gorgeous, but she has the personality to match as well.  She loves to cuddle and has been known to hang out on the shoulders of some volunteers when they’re in her kennel.  She is calm, affectionate, and will be a wonderful lap cat.  Kitty can be adopted for $142, which includes her spay surgery, vaccinations, and microchip.

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