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Advice from Shelter Animals: Preparing Your Home

1.19.15_preparing your home

You’re ready to bring me home. And I’m ready to go home. But is your home ready?

You’ve done your homework and selected the shelter animal that will be happiest in your home based on your family’s lifestyle. Good work! But have you prepared your home? Set your new family member up for success with a little prep work such as baby gates to keep dogs confined to safe areas until they learn the house rules, scratching posts for cats, potentially dangerous items out of their reach, etc… Read more here:

Reunited! 15-year old Lucky is Reunited with his Family.

1.15.15_Lucky reunion

Lucky and his mom after being reunited.

15-year old Lucky was a lucky boy when he was reunited with his family. Lucky and his mom drove in from Wasilla to visit a friend in Anchorage. Lucky was supposed to wait in the friend’s yard during the visit but somehow got out. His mom was frantic when she looked out and didn’t see her dog. In the meantime, Lucky was spotted walking down 100th Ave. by an APD officer who contacted us. Animal Control Officer Leece responded and brought Lucky to the shelter. Just imagine how happy his mom was to receive the call that Lucky was safe and waiting for her to pick him up!

KTVA 11’s Daybreak Pet of the Week: Robin (A211168)

A211168 Robin meme

Forget football, just toss me a toy and the game is on! Signed, Robin

Meet Robin, a strikingly handsome young cat who, despite his scary experience being stuck in a dumpster, is full of love and fun. Luckily for Robin, and his sister Emi (A211167), he was rescued by a good Samaritan and brought to us. Now he is ready to entertain a new family with his antics. He is a high-energy youngster that loves to play and explore so get ready for some fun times with this guy. Watch for Robin’s TV debut on KTVA’s Daybreak on Friday morning. Robin can be adopted for $142 which includes a microchip, vaccines, cat carrier and a deposit on his neuter surgery.

Alaska Dispatch News Dog Blog Pet of the Week: Suki (A210256)

A210256 Suki meme

I have a favor to ask. Please spend a little extra time with me because I’m shy. Signed, Suki

Meet Suki, a 1-year old Saluki mix who needs a special adopter. Suki is shy at first so it takes a little time for her to let her personality shine. She’ll need patience and gentle handling in the beginning. Once she warms up, you’ll find that she transforms into a goofy, playful, energetic and affectionate dog. Suki is not fond of being left alone so her new person will have to work on this with her until she realizes her person will always return. Training classes and socialization will help her build her confidence. Suki will do best in a home with adults only and without small animals. Give this girl your time and you’ll be rewarded with a loyal friend. Suki can be adopted for $42 which covers a microchip and MOA license.

To learn more about how to work with a dog who doesn’t like to be left alone, read here:

KFAT 92.9 and The Wolf 96.3 Pet of the Week: Oscar (A211160)

A211160 Oscar meme

Come closer and I’ll tickle your nose. Signed, Oscar.

Oscar came to us a stray and has some old bite wounds to prove his street cred—but he has happily given up life on the streets. Based on Oscar’s sweet disposition, we like to think that the other cats started the fights anyway and poor Oscar was just defending himself. Staff and volunteers have found Oscar to be a gentle boy with a soft purr who likes to have his head rubbed and to tickle your nose with his whiskers. He lays quietly and enjoys your attention, politely asking for more if you move away too soon. Oscar will be a loving and mellow companion for his new family. He can be adopted for $142 which includes a microchip, vaccines, cat carrier, and a deposit on his neuter surgery.

Advice from a Shelter Animal: What’s the Right Pet for You

1.12.15_what type of pet
Dogs and cats aren’t the only animals that make good pets (just saying). Signed, by all the Little Guys. 
Our smaller shelter animals sometimes get past up and not just because they are small! Yes, we want our dogs and cats to find homes but we want all our animals to find homes. And, we want you to find the animal for your family so before you adopt, think about what type of animal is best for your lifestyle. Read more here:

Alaska Dispatch Dog Blog Pet of the Week: Sitka (A211072)

A211072 Sitka meme

I’m trying to stay positive while I wait for a new home.  Signed, Sitka

This is Sitka, a 9-year spayed bloodhound who has been waiting for her new home for several weeks and has become a staff and volunteer favorite. This gentle girl will enjoy evening strolls around the neighborhood and lazy weekends TV surfing with you. She is affectionate and just happy to be with someone. If you’re looking for a mellow companion, Sitka is the girl for you. Sitka will do best in home as the only canine companion or with a male dog instead of another female. She can be adopted for $72 which includes a microchip, vaccines, and MOA license.

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