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This story is written by Hercules. A 5-year-old, mixed-breed on his very own personal hero’s journey. Hercules’s favorite quote originated from the Disney version of his namesake
“I would go most anywhere to find where I belong.”

Hercules has always believed in heroes, both finding them and becoming your own.

This is his story.


Hercules waits for his new family.

I love my name. I’ve always enjoyed hero stories, ever since I was a young pup. I’m attracted to the mystery, the challenges, the triumphs. So, to be named after one of the greatest heroes of all time is a great honor.

In every hero’s journey, there are 3 parts: the separation, the transition and the return. (The return was always my favorite!) So, I will share my journey with you in the same way:


It is hard for me to talk about this part without getting choked up, but I found myself at Anchorage Animal Care & Control right after New Year’s. Those entrusted to care for me had taken me to the vet and then never came back. Like all good heroes, I did have a weakness. I guess you could call it my Achilles’ heel; I had this lump at the base of my tail that needed to be removed. Maybe that is why I was left….


I had a dream one night after being at AACC for about two-weeks. In the dream, I saw another dog. He was very happy, playing and being cared for by a sweet family. I had dreams like this all the time, but this one was a little different. Before the dream ended the dog turned to me (the bright shiney tag on his collar read Max) and he said, “they are coming for you Herc, just wait, they are coming.” I woke up immediately and felt a little better.

A few days later, I was resting in my kennel, when some potential adopters came walking through. This happens often and I was tired of getting my hopes up. Today was also my birthday and no one had noticed. So, I was being grumpy. I went to move to the back of the kennel; it was then that I saw the potential adopters were the people from my dream! The same people Max had said were coming for me. I immediately barked with joy. They noticed me with smiles; they also noticed the lump near my tail, but it did not seem to bother them. I bounced around their legs and gave them both kisses. I knew, in that moment, that these were my heroes.


I am so very happy with my new family and thankful to Max for sending them to me. I also got to meet Max posthumously through, scents, pictures and memories in my house. You see Max was my owners’ much-loved dog. He passed away when he was 11-years-old and our owners had asked him to send them another dog, which turned out to be me. My pup-daddy loves telling the story of why they went to AACC that day. He said that Max told him to go.

Just like any Hero’s story, ours wouldn’t be complete without a little magic.

Honorably yours,


Hercules on atv 1

Hercules loving life with his new dad.


Parts of Herc’s story was shared with us through his new mom.. She says that her family is so very happy with their new pup “he is a sweet, loving dog who just needed a chance at being healthy! This is his forever home!” Hercules came to AACC on 1/3/17. He was adopted on 1/15/17.  His owners had the lump near the base of his tail checked out and it was first thought that the tail would need to be removed. Herc’s family posted on craigslist about the upcoming medical expenses and were trying to raise funds to help with the costs. The post was brought to AACC’s attention and the Center Director approved $300 from a medical assistance grant received from the ASPCA in 2016 to help the family.  Dr. Tom McGregor of Chugach Veterinary Practice later removed the tumor. Hercules goes to work with his owner at an auto repair shop nearly every day. He enjoys being the “shop dog” and the company of his doggie-girlfriend, Bella. They are currently living happily ever after.

Hercules with cone 1

Hercules in the largest cone EVER!


Alaska Dispatch News Dog Blog Pet of the Week: Alfred (A203779)

203779 Alfred meme

Watch out…I’m coming to love you. Signed, Alfred

Meet Alfred, who came to us as a stray. Knowing Alfred, he might have gone on a walk-about to spread love and good cheer to the neighborhood. Believe us, you will get kissed by this dog. Alfred is a strong and energetic boy who will need an active home with a family committed to teaching him his manners—he sits for treats and takes them gently from your hands and he is learning to walk politely on leash. He will be a fun and loving companion for his new family. Alfred can be adopted for just $72 which covers his microchip, vaccines, and MOA license.

The 92.9 KFAT and 96.3 The Wolf Pet of the Week: Chena (A211433)

A211433 Chena meme

I might be too old to race but I’m not too old to run, play, hike, and cuddle. Signed, Chena.

Meet Chena, a 7-year old former sled dog who is ready to start a new life. Chena takes a moment to warm up to new people but once she does she is a love—even kissing you if you stop petting her to ask for more. She is an active dog who will need an active family. She’ll make a great running, walking, or hiking partner. Chena has spent her 7 years as an outdoor dog so she’ll need assistance and patience as she transitions to being an indoor companion. Our volunteers have been working with her on leash training and indoor manners (like how to walk through doors – those were a bit scary at first). She can be adopted for $72 which covers a microchip, vaccines, and MOA license.

Advice from Shelter Animals: Preparing Your Home

1.19.15_preparing your home

You’re ready to bring me home. And I’m ready to go home. But is your home ready?

You’ve done your homework and selected the shelter animal that will be happiest in your home based on your family’s lifestyle. Good work! But have you prepared your home? Set your new family member up for success with a little prep work such as baby gates to keep dogs confined to safe areas until they learn the house rules, scratching posts for cats, potentially dangerous items out of their reach, etc… Read more here:

Reunited! 15-year old Lucky is Reunited with his Family.

1.15.15_Lucky reunion

Lucky and his mom after being reunited.

15-year old Lucky was a lucky boy when he was reunited with his family. Lucky and his mom drove in from Wasilla to visit a friend in Anchorage. Lucky was supposed to wait in the friend’s yard during the visit but somehow got out. His mom was frantic when she looked out and didn’t see her dog. In the meantime, Lucky was spotted walking down 100th Ave. by an APD officer who contacted us. Animal Control Officer Leece responded and brought Lucky to the shelter. Just imagine how happy his mom was to receive the call that Lucky was safe and waiting for her to pick him up!

KTVA 11’s Daybreak Pet of the Week: Robin (A211168)

A211168 Robin meme

Forget football, just toss me a toy and the game is on! Signed, Robin

Meet Robin, a strikingly handsome young cat who, despite his scary experience being stuck in a dumpster, is full of love and fun. Luckily for Robin, and his sister Emi (A211167), he was rescued by a good Samaritan and brought to us. Now he is ready to entertain a new family with his antics. He is a high-energy youngster that loves to play and explore so get ready for some fun times with this guy. Watch for Robin’s TV debut on KTVA’s Daybreak on Friday morning. Robin can be adopted for $142 which includes a microchip, vaccines, cat carrier and a deposit on his neuter surgery.

Alaska Dispatch News Dog Blog Pet of the Week: Suki (A210256)

A210256 Suki meme

I have a favor to ask. Please spend a little extra time with me because I’m shy. Signed, Suki

Meet Suki, a 1-year old Saluki mix who needs a special adopter. Suki is shy at first so it takes a little time for her to let her personality shine. She’ll need patience and gentle handling in the beginning. Once she warms up, you’ll find that she transforms into a goofy, playful, energetic and affectionate dog. Suki is not fond of being left alone so her new person will have to work on this with her until she realizes her person will always return. Training classes and socialization will help her build her confidence. Suki will do best in a home with adults only and without small animals. Give this girl your time and you’ll be rewarded with a loyal friend. Suki can be adopted for $42 which covers a microchip and MOA license.

To learn more about how to work with a dog who doesn’t like to be left alone, read here:

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