Home for the Holidays: Stein’s Journey

Stein’s journey from Alaska to Ohio began, sadly, with the passing of his owner. With no family in Alaska to take him in, Stein was brought to Anchorage Animal Care and Control. Little did he know, that family in Ohio were working on his behalf…working to bring him home.

stein 3

Stein: wondering what happens next in his life.

It started with a phone call: A friend of Stein’s family called a friend of her’s, Robyn, who lives in Anchorage with this request, “Can you help my friends? Their aunt passed away and they’d like to get her dog to Ohio but, first, they need someone in Anchorage to take him in.” Robyn, even though she didn’t know the family, didn’t hesitate. She contacted us and we told her we just needed the family’s permission to release Stein to her. Within 24 hours of the plea for help, Stein was meeting Robyn and her daughter and headed to their home.

Stein 1

Stein: excited to meet his temporary family. 

Stein wasted no time getting comfy in his temporary home. He fit right in with the resident dogs – sleeping on the couch and enjoying a spa day together. He stole the hearts of his temporary family who said his only bad habit was nipping at their ankles when they would leave the house.

On Saturday, November 30th, Stein made his journey to Ohio. He really felt he should have flown first class so made his displeasure known at having to fly cargo!

Stein 8

Someone really wanted to fly first class.

While Robyn and her family waited anxiously in Alaska to hear that he had made it safely, his new family in Ohio waited anxiously for his arrival.

Stein made it safely to Ohio, where he was welcomed by family – just in time to be settled into his new home for the holidays. When we talked with Stein’s family, they expressed enormous gratitude to Robyn, who had helped them even though they had never even met. They told us that Stein was the love of their aunt’s life and they knew she’d be happy that Stein had been in good hands and would spend the rest of his life with family who loved him.

P.S. We love this story because of all the people who helped this one little dog, who passed through our shelter for a brief time, on his journey home. We’re glad we could shelter him when he needed us and thankful to Robyn and her family and Stein’s family in Ohio. 

1 Response to “Home for the Holidays: Stein’s Journey”

  1. 1 Deborah Voves December 2, 2019 at 5:25 pm

    I love this happy story!

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