Brutus’ Journey Home


Brutus didn’t know it but he was about to become a very lucky dog when he was spotted in the alders between Cuddy Park and Loussac Library. He was just minding his own business, making himself comfy in the depression in the dirt he had carved out for himself. But the Good Samaritans who saw him guessed that he was homeless and didn’t think that living in the alders was a good long-term plan for this guy. So they coaxed him inside their truck and brought him home.

A174616 (2)

After checking for a microchip at their vet (which he had but no one was reachable), they filed a found report with us and brought him home. He bravely underwent three baths, yes, he was that stinky. He even braved the initial wrath of the resident Miniature Pinscher who eventually gave in to the fact that Brutus just might not be going anywhere.

After a few days Brutus’ Good Samaritans decided to bring him to AACC for the legal stray-hold period, just in case a previous owner was coming to the shelter and looking for him. But they called every day to check on him and to remind us they wanted to bring him home if no one claimed him. He waited patiently in his kennel, every now and then lifting his head to give a lonesome howl.


Finally – today was the day that Brutus’ stray-hold was up. He flew through his evaluation – it was like he knew he had somewhere else to be. As soon as he became available, his new dad was here to get him. His dad had even gone into work early so he could leave early to bring Brutus home. Now that’s love.

And, boy, was Brutus glad to see his dad! Brutus led the way – out the door, across the parking lot, to the truck and right into the driver’s seat. As we were closing the door, his dad’s phone rang. It was Brutus’ new mom, calling to make sure they were on their way Home.

Welcome Home Brutus!




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