The Kitten in the Snow

She was found in a snow bank.

And was brought to Anchorage Animal Care and Control (AACC) late on a Friday evening by two Good Samaritans. She was wet, cold, and, frankly, looked pretty bad. Her face was swollen and she had trouble opening her eyes.

A245618_intake photo

Little One when she was brought to AACC by two Good Samaritans.

How did this little creature find herself in this situation? We wished she could tell us.

Our kennel technicians made her comfy in a pile of warm blankets and plenty of food which she ate hungrily. Dr. Wilson, AACC Center Director and veterinarian, came in on Saturday to check on her and was worried about this little one. Then a staff member offered to take her home to foster her, knowing that if she was going to make it, she needed pampering and extra TLC.

And that’s how this kitten found herself being cared for by a human and a husky named Whisper. Whisper loves kittens and was thrilled to have one to care for. The kitten accepted his nuzzles and showed her appreciation with her loud (really loud!) purr.

Whisper's kitten_3

Whisper meets his foster kitten.

An anxious few days ensued with the kitten showing signs of neurological issues – walking in a stooped posture, turning in circles, unable to poop, and, then seizures. Whisper and his person kept at it – lots of liquids and wet food, lots of love, and a little extra help from Miralax. And every day the swelling in the kitten’s face went down and she improved. Walking straight and tall. Starting to play. And finally….the big moment…pooping! The seizures continued but were fewer and farther between.

Knowing she may continue to have trauma-related issues, we contacted our rescue partner, Kitty and K-9 Connection, asking them to take her under their care. And their kitten momma, Amber, jumped at the chance.

Empurress and Whisper_1

Whisper’s kitten remained under his watchful eye (and nose) while back at AACC, waiting to be picked up by Kitty and K-9 Connection.

Amber brought her home and named her Empurress. Here’s the update we received after Empurress’ first night with Amber: “Yes she had at least 2 (seizures) in the evening. However they were very quick and mild. She ate very well over night and had poop in her box this morning. She charges out of her kennel (only keeping her in when unattended so she doesn’t fall if she seizes) this morning and ran straight to the toys. She is playing and looks relatively good.  Our vet video chatted with us last night and I sent her a video of the last seizure I witnessed. She feels they are likely trauma related and will gradually get better. She doesn’t think meds are needed unless they become more frequent or longer and more severe. All great things to hear.”

And so, with the help of two Good Samaritans, AACC staff, a husky named Whisper, and Amber with Kitty and K-9 Connection, Empurress is on the road to a full recovery!

So much love for one little kitten.
Doesn’t that make you happy?


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