Ellie’s Little Frost-bit Kitten Paws


Hi, my name is Ellie. But I didn’t know that when I was alone outside. All I knew was that I was cold, scared, and hungry. I would cry sometimes and it turns out that’s what saved me. That and the fact that I was hunkered down outside the offices of Anchorage Animal Care and Control.



Sitting at her desk on a 4 degree January day, Brandi swore she heard meowing outside her window. She searched outside and found a kitten huddled under equipment in the dog play yard but was unable to reach her. So she came back out with food and a live trap…only to see the kitten running across the snow and disappearing over a snow bank.  Temperatures were predicted to be below zero at night for the next several days – how long could a kitten survive?



I could smell the food but was too scared to go get it. Every night I got colder. My stomach got emptier. And my paws started to hurt from the cold. After four days, hunger finally overcame me and I went for the food. I found myself trapped, but I had warm straw to nestle in while waiting to see what would happened next.


Our kitten had finally gone in the trap! We settled her in a warm kennel and fed her – happy she didn’t have to spend another day outside in sub-zero cold. Not sure yet how she felt about us, she hissed and hid in her kennel. But after a few days her hissing changed to purring and we discovered that she loved to held and cuddled. We also discovered that some of the pads on her little kitten paws had frost bite but, otherwise, she was none-the-worse for her foray outside.

And Brandi, who first heard her crying, named her Ellie because she was found at our shelter on Elmore Road. Ellie went home with Officer Winn as a foster kitten for a few days where she honed her cuddling skills and showed off her playfulness. Finally getting a chance to just be a kitten!

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