Monte’s Story: A Tale of Perseverance

Imagine…you are less than a year old, you are still learning about the world and the humans you live with. And then the first people you call your family surrender you to the shelter because you have too much energy.


Monte at AACC. Making the best of waiting for the right home.

You go home with another family and just as you are beginning to settle in, they also decide you have too much energy and give you to another family.  So you start again…maybe this time will work except that by now you are beginning to feel anxious because you keep having to learn about new people and new homes. But no luck, this family brings you back to the shelter because you destroyed items in the home as an outlet for your energy and anxiety.

OK…the people at AACC haven’t given up on you because they place you up for adoption again. And again you go home. But this time the family decides they don’t have time for you and you come back to the shelter. Have you been counting? Four homes. Four different homes.

And what you haven’t been able to tell anyone this whole time is that not only are you young and energetic but you also don’t feel quite right. And this makes you anxious.

Once again the staff, who knows you are good dog, gives you the chance to go home with another family. And this time, this time, you are adopted by someone who has PERSEVERANCE. And you learn how important a human’s PERSEVERANCE can be to a dog’s life, especially your life.

steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

This time your new family is determined to work with you and all that wonderful, exuberant energy you have! And they are determined to figure out why you feel anxious. So they take you to the veterinarian and they try different foods for you. And they notice something…when you eat chicken your skin and your eyes get red and you get anxious. And you start barking, barking, barking.

Monte_allergic reaction 2

Monte’s skin while having an allergic reaction.

So they check the ingredients in your food and make sure you don’t eat any food or treats with chicken. And guess what? You calm down. You stop the anxious barking. You feel better. Most importantly, you feel loved. And you know you are home.



Note: Monte’s change in behavior was noted by his family after they discovered his food allergy. AACC is not confirming that food allergies and behavior are directly linked. We also recommend obedience training for all young dogs as well as exercise and dog sports to keep young dogs physically and mentally challenged.


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