A Day at Anchorage Animal Care and Control

Want to see what happens behind the scenes at AACC on a typical day? Well, take a look!

Our shy kitten, Holiday, went on holiday from her kennel to be pampered in a foster home. She had been sitting, quietly, in her kennel for several weeks while adopters passed her by because she was so shy.

Holiday 1a

Holiday wonders what’s happening. Don’t worry kitten – you’re going on holiday!

Her foster mom met with AACC Kennel Supervisor, Sue, to get tips on how to help Holiday gain confidence. Why do we do this? So that Holiday will be set up for success when she comes back to the shelter and meets with potential adopters.  We’ve already heard from her foster mom that Holiday is learning how to play and loves to lay snuggled safe in her arms, purring contentedly.

And little Mina got lucky today. As Brandi, the AACC Executive Assistant, walked through the kennels she spotted this little one cowering in the corner of her kennel, terrified by the barking of the other dogs. And Brandi said “Well, this just isn’t going to work, is it?” as she scooped up little Mina and then settled her into her office.

Mina 2

Mina gets comfy on Brandi’s desk.

Mina made sure to let Brandi know just how grateful she was. Keep reading to see what happens with Mina later in the day!

Is she not adorable?

While our clinic was full of adopted cats and kittens who had come back for their spay or neuter surgeries, our maternity ward was hosting this sweet family. It’s amazing that we get any work done – we really just wanted to spend all day watching this momma with her babies. But duty calls…

After the day’s spay and neuter surgeries were done, the clinic was quiet as the felines recuperated – some a little better than others.

Neuter cat

Someone is going to sleep well tonight.

And what about our Mina? After bringing her into her office, Brandi picked up the phone and made a phone call…to Kitty and K-9 Connection, one of AACC’s rescue partners. She told them that this little girl was too frightened to stay in the kennels and asked if they could take her in to their program.  And they couldn’t resist. So later that day Mina was ushered from Brandi’s arms to the arms of Carol who will help her find her new family.


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