A Cricket’s Second Chance

It was a tough time to be a cricket at Anchorage Animal Care and Control. With over 30 cricket-loving bearded dragons to feed many a cricket met his fate.

But a week after all of our cricket connoisseurs had been adopted a kennel technician heard a sound in the hallway…the chirp of one lonely cricket. The cricket was easily scooped up but then – what to do? No one was willing to put that poor cricket out in the cold. You had to admire the little guy’s perseverance – escaping the maw of a bearded dragon and surviving the tread of many a dog and human in the hallways. And so, the cricket was christened Davey and a new home was designed just for him.

12.22.17_Davy Cricket 4

Now Davey enjoys a gourmet diet of fruits and greens brought from staff members’ homes, toilet paper tube tunnels to hide in, and his own little Asian-style house. And he even dines with staff because no one likes to eat alone.

We think Davey is a symbol for all of our sheltered animals. Why? Because the cricket has played an important role in Chinese and Native American cultures where they are said to be a sign of prosperity, vitality and good fortune. But what we like best for our animals is this: the cricket’s jump is said to give the power to leap over a difficult situation – and maybe land in a good home.03648-Roesels-Bush-Cricket-leaping


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