Pay It Forward: Samantha and Bella’s Story

You know that saying “Pay it forward?” Well, we have proof that paying it forward really does make the world a better place. A little over a year ago, two bonded Chihuahuas were available for adoption together. They were spotted on our website by an elderly woman who was looking for companions. Knowing that small dogs are adopted quickly she and her daughter rushed down to meet these two. At the same time, another woman was also coming in to meet these dogs and she arrived just before the other women. But fate stepped in and these three women met at the customer service counter just as the woman was about to adopt the dogs. As they talked about the dogs, it came out that the elderly woman had rushed down to meet them and had been looking forward to their companionship. So the soon-to-be adopter asked her a few questions and then…stepped aside. She saw that this woman needed the two dogs more than she did and she graciously offered her the chance to adopt the dogs. But the elderly woman, in her rush, had forgotten her wallet so the first adopter paid the adoption fee and went home without the dogs she had hoped to adopt. And the elderly woman went home with her new friends, Samantha and Bella.

10.25.17_Samantha and Bella_2

Samantha and Bella on their ride home. September 2016

Fast forward a year….we receive a message on Facebook from the elderly woman’s daughter who tells us that her mother, due to health reasons, has to move out of her home. And she wants to know if we remember the woman who had wanted Samantha and Bella and had paid their adoption fee. If we did, could we please contact her to see if she would still like the dogs? The only reason we were able to track down this woman was because she had paid the adoption fee so we had information on file from the receipt.

10.24.17_Samantha and Bella_1

Samantha and Bella keep their first mom company.

We put the women in touch with each other and now Samantha and Bella are settling into their new home.Their new mom tells us they howl together, bark at dogs on the TV, sleep together in a puppy pile and crawl under the covers with her at night. She has told the previous family she is happy to bring Samantha and Bella over for visits so their first mom can still enjoy their companionship. Paying it forward sure did make the world a better place for everyone, including Samantha and Bella.

We don’t know about you but this story might have made us cry a little and smile a lot.

1 Response to “Pay It Forward: Samantha and Bella’s Story”

  1. 1 Deborah Voves October 24, 2017 at 12:02 pm

    Beautiful story.

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