Shae: A Story of Healing

Hi everyone, Linus here.
Did you know I have a foster sister?

And she’s a beautiful black cat just like me.
Her name is Shae and here’s her story:

Shae came to the shelter the same way I did – a lost cat in need of somewhere safe and warm. She got sick while she waited at the shelter, first for her family to hopefully find her and then for a family to hopefully adopt her. Other cats get sick with the same thing (they call it “upper respiratory infection”) but poor Shae got hit hard. So my mom, who has a really big heart, brought her home to be my foster sister and recuperate.

She needed lots of care so my mom set her up in our bathroom with a humidifier and would even give her fluids to keep her hydrated. Most importantly, she made sure that Shae just got to relax and sleep. She stayed in her own room although I got to see her through the door. At first I might have felt just a little jealous but I got over that because I could see that she really needed us.


It wasn’t too long before we got to see what a great cat Shae is. She started playing with toys, hanging out in a catio next to me, meeting the dogs, and snuggling, snuggling, snuggling with my mom. My mom said that Shae likes to get as close as she can and would snuggle all day if she could. She also said that Shae is so good – she never growled or hissed at me or the dogs, never complained about going in her carrier or when she had to get fluids.

It’s been a good experience having Shae with us. We worried about her at first so we are really happy to see how well she’s doing. It will be hard to give her up but soon she’ll have to go back to the shelter to find a new home. I’m hoping that by writing about her and telling you how special she is, she might find a home right away.


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