Britannica: The Cat Who Could

The Cat Who Could

This story is written by Britannica, the little cat who could. Britannica’s message is simple and clear: never give up on yourselves or in the goodness of others. This kitty kept getting returned to AACC due to “behavior problems.” But all of her problems were solved when an AACC employee went above and beyond and a new adopter decided to give Britannica the real chance she needed. This is her story.


I stared out the window of the moving car as it took its final turn into a parking lot and my heart sank. I knew where we were, I’d been here before. Time to go back to the cage, back to the wire, back to the loneliness.

Now, don’t get me wrong this place (I think I heard a human call it Animal Care and Control) wasn’t all bad. I was well taken care of by very thoughtful people. But it wasn’t a forever home and every animal in this place knew it; none of them better than me.

You see, I thought that I was one of the lucky ones when I got adopted. But then they brought me back. Then, I thought I was super lucky when I got adopted again! Then I was brought back. Embarrassingly, I kept having accidents in the house. I tried not to, but I couldn’t help it; these transitions were hard for me and I was often frightened and nervous.

As I was carried back into this familiar place I was resigned. Maybe it wasn’t meant for me to have a forever home – maybe this was the closest thing to a home I’d ever know. Then this one special person showed up.

She was sweet; you know when some people pet cats, they are so heavy-handed? But she wasn’t like that at all, she had a very gentle touch and she smelled like… dare I say it? Home. I tried not to get excited again, knowing she would probably give up on me too. But I couldn’t help but feel a little bit of hope rise in my chest.

She adopted me! And I heard her and Sue, the lady who cares for us at AACC, talking extensively about how to properly care for me. Sue was working very hard to help me not have accidents and feel comfortable.

Britannica and her new mom on her Going Home Day!

Sue gave my new mom many helpful tips. She told her to start me out in very small spaces and give me options; to let me choose when to be approached and to give me some play exposure to build my confidence. She gave my new mom many things that are familiar to me to take home like: my litter box, food, bedding and toys. Sue even gave us her book called ‘Catify to Satisfy’ by the famous Jackson Galaxy.

My mom kept Sue updated on my progress and even took me to the vet. They fixed my diet among other things. This was helping me make it to the litter box. Now I get called ‘Sweet Girl’ and I absolutely love it. I want to say thanks to Sue for providing my mom with a lot of helpful information and to my mom for sticking with me.

 My story is about determination and what can happen when people don’t give up on one another. I am a very grateful cat and I try to show that every day of our lives together, from the moment we wake up snuggling in bed together, through playtime and into each and every evening. We are very close. I am happy to report that this little cat that could, eventually did.

Home to stay,



Britannica’s mom is still in touch with AACC and checks in often to give us. “I’m smitten with her. I wake up with her sleeping on me every morning. She has a very kitten-like personality… likes to chew on the decorations on my jeans and drag wand toys around the house. The best part of the day is when she’s relaxed enough to flop over next to me and let me give her belly rubs, while purring and chirping. Unbelievably cute, and a wonderful companion! ” 

It is through the dedication, heart and true love for animals that Sue, and other employees like her, possesses that made this story have a happy ending.

Britannica and AACC are very grateful to our volunteers and employees; for the hard work and compassion they show on a daily basis. They are the true authors of happy-ever-afters like Britannica.

Here are the dates of Britannica’s up-and-down journey:

Surrendered on 10/14/16
Adopted on 10/27/16
Returned on 12/12/16
Adopted on 12/22/16
Returned on 2/23/17
Adopted by her new mom on 3/21/17 – Britannica still calls this her home.


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