Pets of the Week on KBEAR: Sylvestor (A210055) and Louie (A210054)

A210055 Sylvester and A210054 Louie

OK…let’s just say it: we are large cats who need to lose a few pounds. Now let’s move on. If you listen to KBEAR 104.1 Alaska’s Hottest Country today you’ll hear about these two, Sylvestor (A210055) and Louie (A210054). These two 10-year old Maine Coon cats are brother and sister and enjoy each other’s company so we are adopting them together. Both are very personable and affectionate. Sylvestor is the more outgoing of the two, walking right up to you for attention while Louie waits patiently for you to come to her. Due to their large size, these two were unable to groom themselves so their matted fur was shaved. Their coats will look full and lovely once they grow back in. This pair can be adopted for a single adoption fee of $62, thank you to the Alaska SPCA. This fee will cover microchips and vaccines for both.


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