Pet of the Week – Bob (A208011) & Ed (A208012)

UPDATE 9/5:  Bob and Ed have been adopted together!

UPDATE 9/5:  Did you miss their spot on KTVA?  Check it out here!

Here are the KTVA Channel 11 New’s Pets of the Week:

Ed and Bob

Ed and Bob

Bob and Ed will be featured on KTVA’s Channel 11 News Daybreak show tomorrow morning!

Ed (A208011)

Ed (A208011)

We have a dynamic duo for you to meet today!  Happy and friendly, though shy at first meeting, these two guys–Ed and Bob –love being with each other and would like to be adopted together. They both like calm, gentle handling, and are easy to walk and handle once they are comfortable with you. Good-natured, alert and active, they enjoy their outings, exploring, and sitting with you for petting and attention. They will do best in an active home that can provide plenty of exercise, training and things to do. Special thanks to the Alaska SPCA for providing Ed’s neuter surgery and Ravenwood Veterinary Clinic for providing Bob’s neuter surgery, both free of charge!  They can be adopted together for $144, which covers both of their MOA dog licenses, vaccinations, and microchips.

Bob (A208012)

Bob (A208012)


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