Pet of the Week – Parakeets!

UPDATE 8/19:  All of the parakeets have been adopted!

Here is the KTVA Channel 11 News Pet of the Week:

Tune in to KTVA’s Daybreak show tomorrow morning to see our four feathered friends on air!

We currently have four parakeets available for adoption. Parakeets can be wonderful pets, living 15-25 years. They can be very social, enjoying being stroked and held once they get to know you. Smart and easily trained, they can be taught basic commands, such as “step down” to move off you and when you put them back in their cage.

Chico (one of our yellow and green individuals) was found abandoned, so we don’t know much about this beauty. Mellow, quiet and calm, Chico is good-looking, easy-going, friendly and very colorful!

Chico (A206809)

Chico (A206809)

Budgie is a 5 year old, green and yellow female. Calm and relaxed, this happy girl is sure to brighten up any bird-loving home!

Budgie (A206877)

Budgie (A206877)

Lucky & Liebling are our bonded pair of females. Liebling is blue and grey and 3 years old. Lucky is yellow and 4 years old. This pair are happy, cheerful and very friendly. They are longtime pals, very attached to each other, and would like to be adopted together. They like toys, flitting about their cage, and getting bathed with a spray bottle.

Lucky & Liebling

Lucky & Liebling

Parakeets are social animal and do best with company. We would recommend Lucky and Liebling be adopted together. The parakeets are $5 each to adopt ($10 per pair). If Lucky and Liebling are adopted together, their cage can go home with them.


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