Pet of the Week – Charolette (A206531)

UPDATE 7/26:  Charolette has been adopted!

Here is the KTVA Channel 11 Pet of the Week:

Charolette (A206531)

Charolette (A206531)

Charolette will be featured tomorrow morning on KTVA’s Daybreak show.

Please meet Charolette, a 4 year old, spayed female, domestic longhair mix cat. Charolette is an outgoing, demonstrative little girl. Under all that long, soft fur, which you will love to pet, she is only 6 pounds! What she lacks in size she makes up for in personality! Quick to greet visitors, she is not above rolling around into cute poses to catch your attention. Once she has it, it’s all about lap time, pets, and soft purrs. She is big on head bumps and snuggles, and is just waiting for the right person to lavish them on! She has a small, bald spot on her nose that is from a healing past injury, though we don’t know what happened. Charolette can be adopted for $62, as she is already spayed, which includes her vaccinations and microchip.

A206531 Charolette


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