Pet of the Week – Ferrets, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas – Oh My!

UPDATE 6/13:  All the little guys and gals featured here have been adopted!

We are more than just cats and dogs here at AACCC. We currently have available for adoption 4 guinea pigs, 2 chinchillas, 2 ferrets, 2 parakeets, and a rabbit! Some of these adorable little ones will be featured on KTVA Channel 11 New’s Daybreak show tomorrow morning. It you’re thinking about a pet but aren’t sure a dog or cat is right for you, come in and check out the fantastic “other” pets we have up for adoption!

You can watch their adorable spot on KTVA’s Daybreak show here!

Butch (A205840) & Cassidy (A205839)

Butch (A205840) & Cassidy (A205839)


Butch and Cassidy were found abandoned together. They are adult, neutered male ferrets. They are outgoing, curious, and very social – and quite attached to each other, so would like to go to their new home together. They enjoy playing with jingle balls and each other. They are very happy to entertain each other when you can’t be home with them. They are each to handle and will give little ferret kisses. Adorable and fun! They can be adopted for $45 each or $85 for the pair, which includes their rabies vaccinations. 

Buttercup (A205903)

Buttercup (A205903)

Buttercup is a 1 year old, female guinea pig. This big, hefty girl loves laps, attention, being picked up and held, being groomed, and eating snacks out of your hand. She especially likes yogurt treats. She’s lived happily with older kids, but is not comfortable around small children. Friendly, happy, cuddly and comical! Buttercup, or any of the other 3 guinea pigs currently available, can be adopted for $10 each. 

Bellatrix (A205637)

Bellatrix (A205637)

This happy duo, Nagini and Bellatrix, are very close and would like to be adopted together. They’re very friendly, cuddly, outgoing, and love interacting with people and each other. They’re curious and playful, like being picked up and held, snacking on treats (especially papaya treats) and are interesting to watch. Bellatrix is 2 years old and Nagini is 9 months old, both are female. Chinchillas can live to be 12 to 20 years old. Chinchillas are not recommended as a pet for small children as they get easily frightened and have very delicate body structures. Nagini and Bellatrix can be adopted for $25 each or $45 for the pair. This includes a cardboard carrier to get them home in.


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