Pets of the Week – Sebastian (A159051) & Japetto (A145177)

UPDATE 6/28:  Sebastian has been adopted!

UPDATE 6/1:  Japetto has been adopted, Sebastian is still looking for a new home.

Here is the Mix 103.1 Pets of the Week:

Sebastian (A159051)

Sebastian (A159051)

We have a great pair for you to meet today, Sebastian and Japetto! Sebastian is an adult, neutered male with a very loving and interactive personality. Japetto is a 6 year old, neutered male who is both very outgoing and sociable. They are longtime companions that would like to be adopted together. Thanks to the Alaska SPCA, if they go to the same home, they can be adopted for one low adoption price – $62 for both – that still covers vaccinations and microchips! Both have exceptionally sweet and affectionate dispositions. Delightful and very loving duo!

Japetto (A145177)

Japetto (A145177)

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