World Spay Day – 30 FREE Spay Coupons TODAY!

30 FREE SPAY/NEUTER COUPONS AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC TODAY!! 20th World Spay Day Celebrations Continue!

2014 World Spay Day2

Anchorage Animal Care and Control Center (AACCC) and local animal welfare nonprofit, Friends of Pets, continue to celebrate World Spay Day, an international campaign of The Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society International, to promote the life-saving benefits of spay and neuter. TODAY, February 25, which is World Spay Day, Friends of Pets will be offering 30 FREE spay/neuter coupons to community members who already own pets that have not been spayed or neutered. The coupons will be available at AACCC.

The free coupons for the public will cover the entire spay or neuter fee if done at the Alaska SPCA Clinic or defray $85 of the cost of spay or neuter at their chosen veterinary clinic. When the 30 FREE coupons have been claimed, we will also have available discount coupons from Friends of Pets which will defray $50 of the surgery cost for members of the public. At the Alaska SPCA Clinic, that will reduce the owner’s cost down to $35. All coupons (free and discount) will be given out through AACCC at our Center (4711 Elmore Road), available at our Customer Service desk for the entire day. All spay/neuter sponsored fees and coupons provided by Friends of Pets are only available to residents of the Municipality of Anchorage.

AACCC will be open for adoptions and Friends of Pets spay/neuter coupons from 11am-7pm on Spay Day. For more information, please visit and/or


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