Pet of the Week – Jelly Belly (203303) & Molly (A203301)

UPDATE 2/12:  Molly and Jelly Belly have been adopted!

Here is the KTVA Channel 11 Daybreak Pet of the Week:

Jelly Belly (A203303) and Molly (A203301)

Jelly Belly (A203303) and Molly (A203301)

Watch Daybreak tomorrow morning to see Jelly Belly and Molly on air!

Meet Molly and Jelly Bean, our 3 year old ferret pair!  This playful duo enjoy each other’s company and would like to be adopted together. They’re friendly and easy-going, and enjoy playing, exploring, snacking, napping, and interacting with people. They can easily entertain each other when not entertaining you! Molly is a spayed female and Jelly Bean is a neutered male.  Ferrets are very intelligent, social pets that can get along with dog, cats, and other pets.  They will use a litterbox filled with wood pellets (clay litter can cause respiratory issues).  They can be adopted for $45 each or $85 for the pair, which includes their rabies vaccinations.


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