2 to the Rescue: Taco (A200484) & Moo Moo (A200485)

UPDATE 11/10:  Taco and Moo Moo have been adopted together! 

Watch the KTUU Channel 2 Morning Edition 2 to the Rescue spot!  We’ll have Taco live on air and be talking about him and his buddy, Moo Moo.

Taco (A200484) & Moo Moo (A200485)

Taco (A200484) & Moo Moo (A200485)

We have quite the pair for you:  Taco and Moo Moo, two 5 year old, neutered male, domestic longhair mix cats!  While they are both a little timid, Taco is the more outgoing to the two.  He is very friendly and cuddly!  He will gladly crawl into an offered lap and settle in and will lean into you affectionately when pet.  They are both big fellows, but Moo Moo is extra large and extra sweet!  He enjoys face rubs and pets.  They are both good-natured and quiet, have previously lived happily with children from 2-5 yrs and a dog—although they would avoid the dog.  They both enjoy any petting and will softly purr with appreciation, though are not at all needy or pushy.  The pair is very close and would love to be adopted together – and can be for one low adoption fee thanks to a partnership between Anchorage Animal Care and Control Center and the Alaska SPCA, only $62 for BOTH, which includes their vaccinations and microchips.  Taco and Moo Moo would make an excellent addition to a busy family seeking some feline companionship. They can keep each other company while they wait for you to come home!


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