Pet of the Week – Pat (A200010) & Terry (A200010)

UPDATE 9/29:  Pat and Terry have both been adopted!

Here are the KTVA Channel 11 News Pets of the Week:

Top:  Pat the Bearded Dragon Bottom:  Terry the Gecko

Top: Pat the Bearded Dragon
Bottom: Terry the Gecko

Watch the evening edition tonight to see Pat and Terry on air!

When you think of Anchorage Animal Care and ControlCenter, do you think of lizards?  Well, you should!  Today we have Terry the Gecko and Pat the Bearded Dragon for you to meet!  Terry the Gecko was found abandoned.  This cute little guy is about 3-4 inches long with beautiful markings.  Geckos can live up to 20 years and are one of the most popular lizards to own as a pet.  Pat the Bearded Dragon was brought here when her family was moving and could not take her along.  She is a year old and already quite large.  Bearded Dragons can live 10-15 years.  All lizards have very specific needs, including where they are kept, lighting provided to them, and what they are fed.  Like all pets, it’s important to learn about the needs and care involved BEFORE bringing a pet home.  Terry and Pat can be adopted for $15 each and would do best in a home with reptile experience.

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