Pet of the Week – Forrest (A198424)

UPDATE 7/31:  Forrest has been adopted!

Here is the KFAT 92.2 / Wolf 96.3 Pet of the Week:

Forrest (A198424)

Forrest (A198424)

Please meet Forrest, an adult, neutered male, domestic shorthair mix cat.  Exceptionally good-natured and very easy-going, Forrest appreciates any attention, but isn’t at all demanding or needy. This sleek fellow rolls onto his side and back when you pet him, soaking in all of your attention and affection. If he’d like some loving and you aren’t paying attention, he may give you a light, little tap of his paw on your leg or hand, just in case you forgot he was there (adorable)!  He’s been previously declawed. Forrest much prefers petting to playing, and finding a comfy spot for a nap is a favorite pastime. A real charmer!  Forrest can be adopted for $62, as he is already neutered, which includes his vaccinations and microchip.

A198424 Forrest2


1 Response to “Pet of the Week – Forrest (A198424)”

  1. 1 Victoria Jenkins July 30, 2013 at 8:06 am

    What a pretty cat!

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