Pet of the Week – birds, birds, birds!

UPDATE 6/1:  All of our featured feathered friends have found new home!

Here is the KTVA Channel 11 Pet of the Week:


From chickens to parakeets and a cockatiel – we have the bird for you!  Brewster (white chicken) is a handsome fellow that will fit happily right into a barnyard home!  The Bronte sisters – Emily, Charlotte, and Anne – are a lively bunch of sister hens that enjoy each other’s company and are cute to boot!  Tweeter is a 14 year old cockatiel (they can live to 20 or so), that does fine with people and really loved spending time with the dog he lived with in his previous home! He’s quite the chirper and will brighten your day with his whistles!  Sonny and Cher are active, happy and cheerful parakeets – sure to brighten up any bird loving home!  The parakeets and chickens can be adopted for $5 each.  Tweeter the cockatiel can be adopted for $10.


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