Pets of the Week – Sam (A129133) & Lucky (143777)

UPDATE 6/2:  Sam and Lucky have moved onto one of our rescue partners to be more comfortable until they find their new home together.  Good luck Sam and Lucky!

Here is the KTVA Channel 11 Pet of the Week:


Lucky and Sam had a great time with Nick from KTVA Channel 11 News

You can watch Sam and Lucky on the evening edition tonight!

A143777 Lucky

Lucky (A143777)

Please meet Sam and Lucky, a pair of Labrador gentlemen looking for a new family together.  They’re both very gentle, happy, loving and good-natured guys. They love being around people, are very easy to walk and handle, and want to please. Sam is 8 years old and Lucky is 7 years old.  They have lived together for sometime and would like to stay together.  Pleasant, cheerful fellows who will make a great “instant family”!  They can be adopted for $114 total, as they are both already neutered, which includes both of their MOA dog licenses, vaccinations, and microchips.

A129133 Sam

Sam (A129333)


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