Pet of the Week – Murray (A195173)

UPDATE 3/15:  Murray has been adopted!

Here is the KTVA Channel 11 News Pet of the Week:

Murray (A195173)

Murray (A195173)

Watch the KTVA Channel 11 evening edition to see Murray on air tonight!

Please meet Murray the Quail!  This beautiful bird was found abandoned at the shelter. AACCC is responsible for all kinds of domesticated animals that can be owned as a pet.  Here’s a great example of some of the “other” animals we get in!  Murray is fine with people, and fun to watch and interact with. Quails can be kept and housed much like as chicken would be and are sometimes referred to as “mini-chickens”.  They can make great pets, getting to know their humans and doing little “dances” when they are happy.  Bright, curious, happy little guy with striking, intricate coloring!  Murray can be adopted for $10.

A195173 Murray2

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