Pet of the Week – Piggy Sue (A194886)

UPDATE 2/22:  Piggy Sue has been adopted!

Here is the KTVA Channel 11 Pet of the Week:

Piggy Sue (A194886)

Piggy Sue (A194886)

Watch the KTVA Channel 11 evening edition to see Piggy Sue on air!

Please meet Piggy Sue, a 3 month old, teacup pig.  AACCC is more than just dogs and cats, and in fact can adopt out any animal that is a legal, domestic pet in Anchorage!  Pigs are clean, intelligent, and affectionate animals, but can be a challenging pet and have special needs.  Generally, teacups grow to around 30-40lbs, but can be bigger.  She will need a veterinarian that has worked with pet pigs before, which are different than livestock pigs, and an adopter than has done their research and understand the work involved with owning a pet pig.  Piggy Sue loves belly rubs, rolling on her back for more, and has done well with children in her previous home.  She can be adopted for $195.

A194886 Piggy Sue


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