Beware Fido’s Bottomless Pit

Info from the American Animal Hospital Association:

It’s no wonder dogs are great companions for cowboys. Dogs would eat steak and eggs every meal if given the choice. Most of a dog’s protein comes from meat and eggs. Fido, however, needs a complete, balanced diet. Cheese and milk are great sources of protein, although many dogs are sensitive to lactose products. Many premium dog foods provide a nutritionally balanced meal, so settling on one brand may boil down to what a pooch most enjoys. The ideal dog food is a low-fat, high-fiber one.

Puppies (dogs less than a year old) need food that provides extra protein, calcium, and iron— one specially formulated for their developing bodies.

Dogs seem to have an endless capacity to stuff themselves. Not surprising, since their ancestors had to gorge themselves whenever they encountered food. As a result, a dog’s meal plan must be regulated closely. A good rule is to feed your dog limited amounts of food twice a day for unlimited time periods. Your veterinarian can recommend a specific amount.

Puppies play hard and nap frequently. From birth to 12 months of age, they require more nutrition than older dogs. Feed a puppy two to three times a day at consistent times. This method will not only benefit the puppy’s diet but will establish eating patterns that create a more dependable schedule for housetraining.

Although the backdrop has changed some since Fido and Fluffy roamed the Serengeti, their intrinsic dining habits remain. As pets move through life, it is essential to recognize that how they are fed is as important as what they are fed.


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