More Happy Tails!

Have you adopted a furry, feathered, or scaled friend from AACCC?  We’d love to share your happy tail!  Send a paragraph or so about how you and your adopted pet are doing, along with a photo (or a few photos) to!


Giles at AACCC, after being shaved down due to sever matting.

From Giles new family:

Thank You and Everyone at Animal Control,
I adopted Giles (formerly Max) from you guys in late November, I was told when I got him that he was badly neglected and so matted he had to be sedated and shaved. He was a “so ugly it’s cute” dog when I met him, shy and easily frightened, awful skinny and bald to the skin, not anymore. He is a friendly outgoing little guy now. We are doing great in obedience classes and he goes to doggy daycare once a week on top of his daily walks, breakup us here and I’ve already brought my bicycle in from the garage to get him used to it. Thank you for doing so much for these animals every day, you gave me my best friend.

Giles today

Zeus & Fozzy


Zeus the Keeshond mix (may have been known as Coby? at the shelter) is the happiest, sweetest, most loving dog ever! He went through a few homes before I found him. His owners gave him to someone on craigslist, but that didn’t work out and he was taken to the pound. I couldn’t believe my luck when I found him there! He has such a cute smiling face and looks like a puppy. He just had his first adoption anniversary this past Thanksgiving, and he gets along great with his siblings who came along after him, Fozzy the chow chow and Kashy the pug. He is such a fun dog and I am so glad I found him at AACC. it was puppy love at first sight!



Fozzy the chow chow I actually got through craigslist, but his previous owners had adopted him from AACC only about a year before (original name may have been something else – Taz?). He is a big adorable Teddy bear with a very easygoing personality. Everyone who sees him says how cute he is and that he looks like a lion or a bear! I am so glad I was able to adopt him and that he finally has a permanent home. Fozzy is coming up on his first adoption anniversary!



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