Pet of the Week – Muffy (A206653)

Here is the Mix 103.1 Pet of the Week:

Muffy (A206653)

Muffy (A206653)

Here is Muffy, an adult, female, chinchilla. Fuzzy, cuddly and very cute, Muffy is just a year old. She’s lived with a guinea pig and a rabbit with no problems. Chinchillas can live to be 12 to 20 years old. They are not recommended as a pet for small children as they get easily frightened and have very delicate body structures. Curious and friendly, she’s a delight to watch and interact with. Adorable girl! Muffy can be adopted for $25, which includes a cardboard carrier to get her home in.

A206653 Muffy3

Pet of the Week – Molly (A206993)

Here is the KTVA Channel 11 News Pet of the Week:

Molly (A206993)

Molly (A206993)

Watch KTVA’s Daybreak Show tomorrow morning to see her on air!

A206993 Molly2

Please meet Molly, an adult, female, Rottweiler mix. Very gentle, easy-going and mellow, Molly is attentive, wants to please, and easy to walk and handle. Enjoys being with people, is a good fetch player, and will sit nicely for treats and take them gently. She has some guarding around rawhide toys. Makes a pleasant companion for walks, playtime, and just hanging out together. A real sweetheart! Molly can be adopted for $142, which includes her spay deposit, MOA dog license, vaccinations, and microchip.

A206993 Molly3

Pet of the Week – Leo (A206576)

Here is the Anchorage Daily News Dog Blog Pet of the Week:

Leo (A206576)

Leo (A206576)

Here is Leo, an 11 months old, neutered male, pit bull mix. Leo still has plenty of puppy about him. He’s very active, playful and energetic, enjoys interacting with people, likes running, exploring, and playing fetch. He’s lived with children but will be too bouncy for small kids. Kennel-trained, rides fine in the car, and has been to the dog park. He’s intelligent and would enjoy training classes. He’ll do best in a home that can provide plenty of exercise, structure, training and things to do. No end of potential with this pup! Special thanks to the Alaska SPCA for providing Leo’s neuter surgery free of charge, reducing his adoption fees by $80! Leo can now be adopted for $72, which includes his MOA dog license, vaccinations, and microchip.

A206576 Leo2

Pet of the Week – Coco (A206530)

UPDATE 7/10:  Coco has been adopted!

Here is the Anchorage Daily News Dog Blog Pet of the Week:

Coco (A206530)

Coco (A206530)


Please meet Coco, a 3 year old, spayed female, pit bull mix. Easy to walk and handle, eager to please and intelligent, this sweet girl enjoys being with people, is gentle and mild-mannered, and likes sitting at your side (or climbing into your lap) for petting and head rubs. She will sit (or even sit pretty) for a treats, is kennel-trained, rides well in the car, and loves kids (and is protective of her humans). Has lived with other dogs (she prefers males) and gets along great. She recently participated in the 4th of July Parade downtown with AACCC volunteers and did wonderfully! She needs to be on a no-grain diet. Loving, active and happy pooch! Coco can be adopted for $72, as she is already spayed, which includes her MOA dog license, vaccinations, and microchip.

A206530 Coco

Pet of the Week – Ella (A206555)

We had to feature Ella again, as her purr was made for radio!  Ella will be on KFAT 92.9 and Wolf 96.3.

A206555 Ella3

Here is Ella, an adult, female, domestic shorthair mix cat. Ella is a super-sized love bug. This sweet girl has a purr to match her size. Her motor gets running with even the thought of a rub and turns into a constant trill when the petting starts. She leans into you for attention and even gives kitty kisses! Ella is large in size and personality! She would love a new family that would work with their veterinarian to help her lose some weight. No matter her size, she would love to keep both your lap and your heart warm! Special thanks to Friends of Pets for donating the cost of Ella’s spay surgery, reducing her adoption fees by $80. Ella can now be adopted for $62, which includes her vaccinations and microchip.

Ella (A206555)

Ella (A206555)

She was also recently featured on KTUU Channel 2’s Morning Edition.  If you missed her spot, you can watch it here!

Pet of the Week – Mongo (A205870)

UPDATE 7/16:  Mongo has been adopted!

Here is the KBEAR 104.1 Pet of the Week:

Mongo (A205870)

Mongo (A205870)

Please meet Mongo, a 1.5 year old, neutered male, domestic longhair mix cat. Mongo is incredibly sweet and will chirp when he says hello and reach out his paw to share his love. He is active and playful, but knows how to play gently. He has previously lived happy with a dog, they played and slept together. Maybe he learned it from the dog, Mongo enjoys playing fetch. Mongo loves to be with people but also enjoys his independence, he isn’t pushy or needy. Mongo would be a good choice for someone looking for an older kitten – he still has those adorable kitten characteristics – he is active, playful and fearless! Mongo can be adopted for $62, as he is already neutered, which includes his vaccinations and microchip.

A205870 Mongo2

Pet of the Week – Charolette (A206531)

Here is the KTVA Channel 11 Pet of the Week:

Charolette (A206531)

Charolette (A206531)

Charolette will be featured tomorrow morning on KTVA’s Daybreak show.

Please meet Charolette, a 4 year old, spayed female, domestic longhair mix cat. Charolette is an outgoing, demonstrative little girl. Under all that long, soft fur, which you will love to pet, she is only 6 pounds! What she lacks in size she makes up for in personality! Quick to greet visitors, she is not above rolling around into cute poses to catch your attention. Once she has it, it’s all about lap time, pets, and soft purrs. She is big on head bumps and snuggles, and is just waiting for the right person to lavish them on! She has a small, bald spot on her nose that is from a healing past injury, though we don’t know what happened. Charolette can be adopted for $62, as she is already spayed, which includes her vaccinations and microchip.

A206531 Charolette

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